Daily Tele Faces Backlash Over Homophobic Front Cover

Daily Tele Faces Backlash Over Homophobic Front Cover

The recent front cover of The Daily Telegraph has copped a Twitter beat down after it accused schools of brainwashing students with ‘gay propaganda’.

To celebrate Wear It Purple Day, an annual event to combat bullying against young LGBTI people in schools on August 28th, Burwood Girls High School planned a screening of the recent documentary about Aussie kids with same-sex parents Gayby Baby.


The front page of The Daily Tele said that parents were ‘outraged’ that their kids were being subjected to the screening of the doco:

The Tele also included Piers Akerman’s article titled “Gay Push Should Be Kept Out Of Schools” which featured the photo below. Akerman’s article attacks the “fantasy that homosexual families are the norm” and accuses the Burwood Girls High principal Mia Kumar of “embracing political propagandists who have seized her school’s agenda.”


Following The Daily Telegraph‘s front page the NSW government banned schools from screening Gayby Baby. The NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli said NSW schools will not be showing the film during school hours to “avoid students missing out on class”.

NSW Premier Mike Baird said: “I understand the intent of that is to provide an example of tolerance and that’s something I absolutely support. Should it be in class time? No, I don’t think so. Should it be optional? Yes, I do think so.”

Twitter has been heaping its anger onto The Daily Telegraph and the NSW government:

The Department of Education has conceded that they hadn’t received any complaints from parents or teachers about Gayby Baby being shown at the school.

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