Cummins&Partners Launches Men’s Health Initiative MAYEIGHT

Cummins&Partners Launches Men’s Health Initiative MAYEIGHT

Cummins&Partners Sydney has created MAYEIGHT!! – a new men’s health initiative – for the Movember Foundation.

This important mental health initiative is in response to the fact that for a lot of Aussie men – life gets busy and they lose touch with their mates. That leaves millions of guys at risk of feeling isolated – which can lead to depression, or even worse, suicide.

MAYEIGHT!! takes place on May 8 (c’mon say it out loud if you still don’t get it!), and aims to improve the social networks of Aussie men by giving blokes a nudge to catch up with a mate, as May 8 will from this day forth be known as an excellent ‘date to catch up with a mate’.

Paul Villanti from the Movember Foundation’s said “We know from research that men aren’t great at making or keeping friends, and that connections tend to drop off once men hit their 30s. There’s good evidence that, for men, maintaining social connections is an important protector against mental health problems,” said Mr Villanti.

Burger chain Grill’d has also thrown their support behind the inaugural MAYEIGHT!! They are asking guys to bring a mate along to Grill’d, and offering 2-for-1 burgers on the day, encouraging them (for the first and only time) to talk with their mouths full. All you have to do to get your free burger is a) have a mate with you, and b) say ‘MAYEIGHT!!’ to the person taking your order.

Adam Ferrier, CSO and consumer psychologist at Cummins&Partners said, “The initiative was developed from the insight that social fabrics break down as men get older, and life gets busier. Women often make more of an effort to maintain their social connections, whereas men just kind of let it slide. We want to make it as easy as possible for men to catch up with a mate by suggesting a day to do it, giving them a burger, and having a bit of fun with MAYEIGHT!!. Hopefully the campaign creates a bit of PR and conversation around the issues of men and social connections too. We’d love MAYEIGHT!!, to become a significant engagement platform for The Movember Foundation. ”

Tom Martin co-ECD at Cummins&Partners said, “We hope guys take advantage of MAYEIGHT!! And use it as a day to catch up with someone they’ve been meaning to. We’ve bought the initiative to life with a few moving parts through social, TV and PR so hopefully lots of guys connect with the idea and connect with a mate”.

Visit for more information and Grill’d locations to get your man burger.


Movember Foundation

Charlotte Webb – Asia Pacific Director

Meagan Bell – Marketing Manager

Juliette Smith – Marketing Manager

Molly Hyndman – PR Manager


Cummins & Partners Sydney

Rebecca Bezzina – Managing Director

Julian Schreiber – Executive Creative Director

Tom Martin – Executive Creative Director

Mandie van der Merwe – Creative Director

Avish Gordham – Creative Director

Josh Campbell – Copywriter

Alastair Flack – Art Director

Julian Hartley – Copywriter

Rob Gordan – Art Director

David Flanagan – Group Account Director

Olivia Etzine – Account Executive

Adam Ferrier – Chief Strategy Officer

Jess Belgiovane – Broadcast Producer

Crystal Rata – Digital Producer

Bill Doig – Executive Producer

James Greet – Chief Media Officer

Kirsty Muddle – Chief Innovation Officer



Amy Smith – Marketing & Brand Director

Ingrid Kelly – Brand Activation & Promotions Manager

Nik Burton – Digital Marketing Manager

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