CRM’s Dead & Big Data’s King, Says New Tech Marketing Report

CRM’s Dead & Big Data’s King, Says New Tech Marketing Report

CRM is dead, big data is still rising – and so is big content while developments in digital marketing have effectively blown the purchase funnel apart.

These are just some of the highlights from research outfit Gartner’s recent digital marketing symposium. Gartner is famous for its technology hype cycles and it has applied this methodology to marketing technology.


In particular the presentation by Adam Sarner and Mike McGuire identified a clutch of emerging trends. These included;

Real-time marketing. This moves in customer time as consumers create links to each other and to brands. Quantified self. This includes IoT, wearable computing and is estimated to be a $5 billion market in less than two years.

Digital marketing hubs. These hubs assemble all the data together to be used across the organisation and in real-time.

Multichannel attribution. This set of techniques link specific actions marketers take to consumer actions.

Content marketing. Marketers need to build a content marketing supply chain and determine how to create, curate and cultivate content.

Responsive design. This is especially important across mobile and after Google’s new mobile friendly search policy. The pair also noted that B2B marketers are increasingly investing in B2C technologies and that email marketing’s long heralded demise remains as distant as ever. “No, email isn’t dead. It’s still valuable since more email marketing is being consumed on the go, through multiple devices and is still extremely measurable.”

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