What Coke Learned from Social Media

What Coke Learned from Social Media

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The Share a Coke campaign was popular over here in Australia, and Price Allan, marketing consultant from the US, says it's taking off well there too. The key to the campaign's success lies in the lessons from social media, Allan believes. 


This summer Coke unveiled its Share a Coke campaign in the US.

The results have been fantastic, though no official numbers have been released, yet. However, the sheer buzz around this campaign has been staggering.

Come to find out, though, we Americans were not the first. The campaign was first launched in Australia in 2012 where product sales jumped by 10%. Imagine double-digit growth for a brand that is at least in maturity, and some would say, in the decline stage of the product life cycle.

A similar, though smaller but equally impressive, lift was felt in England when the campaign moved there in 2013. As sales saw the global leader with a 4.93% increase in year-to-year sales even while the industry as a whole noticed a decline.

What has Coke™ tapped into to gain this ground? My experience tells me they learned a lesson from social media.

Check out Allan’s full post here which has all the social media lessons Coke took advantage of.

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