Foxtel’s Clever ‘Monty’ Set To Revolutionise Cricket

Foxtel’s Clever ‘Monty’ Set To Revolutionise Cricket

In collaboration with Foxtel, Fox Sports and Google, Mindshare has built ‘Monty’ — the greatest cricketing mind ever created.

Monty is a custom machine learning model, designed to spot when and how wickets would fall in live games, in real time, to boost the fan experience.

It has observed every ball bowled by the Australian cricket team in the past eighteen months to work out its algorithm, more than 500,000 times, and has built the patterns into a bespoke Wicket Warning system for Foxtel viewers and cricket fans.

The machine learning model works by recognising patterns in player behaviour based on past form and the live conditions of the pitch.

When Monty’s confident a wicket will fall the model autonomously deploys new creative and adapts bidding across dynamic display, pre-roll and digital outdoor so fans never miss a dramatic moment on the pitch.

Foxtel describes it as falling under their promise to deliver cricket to fans in ways that have never been seen before, and revolutionise the game.

Foxtel senior marketing manager Christopher Pocock describes it as: “a perfect demonstration of how creativity and data can combine to create a totally new experience for fans”.

Monty (not pictured above) comes courtesy of Sydney-based Mindshare, who last year landed a lucrative deal for the Australian and New Zealand media account for Mondeléz.

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