Seven Accused Of Crass Cash-In Of Nepalese Disaster

Seven Accused Of Crass Cash-In Of Nepalese Disaster

As the death toll from the earthquake in Nepal reaches over 5,000 people. Channel Seven has been criticised for its upcoming Sunday Night segment featuring a former Aussie actor’s search for his lost brother Zach in Nepal. The only problem is Zach is safe and well.

Former Packed To The Rafters actor Hugh Sheridan took to Instagram three days ago to share his concerns for the safety of his brother. The instagram picture featured the last photo Zach had sent to Hugh of Mt Everest and the caption: “I’m on my way to Nepal now and will head toward base camp to try and find Zachary. I will be with a small crew helping with a chopper, a dr and we will have a satellite phone available for any Australian there who needs to reach home and tell their loved ones they’re ok…”

Channel Seven has reported that Hugh left Los Angles yesterday to ‘find’ his brother. Hugh has been spotted staying at the Shangri La Hotel.

The touching reunion has been called “Moving Mountains” and it seems that Channel Seven has pulled out all the stops to move mountains for these boys. News Corp has reported that staff attempted to get a helicopter to reunite the boys, but that request was denied because “others had more pressing needs.”

A statement from Channel Seven said: “Sunday Night has travelled with Hugh Sheridan from Los Angeles to Nepal following the devastating earthquake that struck the Himalayan nation on Saturday.

“Hugh and his brother Tom were together with Sunday Night when they learned the news they’d been hoping for, that their younger brother Zach was safe.”

“The program, along with Seven’s health editor and Australian Red Cross ambassador Dr Andrew Rochford, is continuing to assist Hugh and Tom to reach their brother and endeavouring to provide medical and communications assistance to others in Nepal affected by the earthquake.”

“Moving Mountain” will be broadcast this Sunday, straight after My Kitchen Rules.

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