Carter Re-creates Bonds’ Online Experience

Carter Re-creates Bonds’ Online Experience

Take a cheeky glance at the waistband of an Aussie’s underwear. With every household owning more than twelve Bonds products on average, you’re likely to see a Bonds logo.

Over 100 years, the company has occupied a unique space in the Australian retail landscape and has transitioned to the digital economy near perfectly, so recreating the Bonds online experience was a very exciting brief .

Carter Digital was presented with a solid challenge to improve the user experience for Bonds’E-Commerce presence. Bonds has an iconic brand, an impressive foothold in the retail market and a desktop online store that was already performing admirably. Carter’s focus was on mobile users while keeping the experience consistent across all platforms.

An audit of the site found that site load speed wasan area offering opportunity for improvement due to a large number of images being downloaded. CSS driven, responsive promotional tiles and banners that pack a vibrant visual punch across all devices have proven to be a significant innovation. Bonds have evolved their internal creative processes to account for this innovation and this approach is proving to be a market-leader in the responsive e-commerce space in Australia.

Carter Digital focussed heavily on testing the path to purchase, ensuring that users could not only find their desired products quickly and easily, but flow through the checkout process with minimal distraction.

With a 35% improvement in conversion rate on mobile, and a 15% larger basket, it looks like the new user experience has done what it set out to do.

The result is a stylish yet playful digital ode to the iconic Bonds brand –reliable but never, ever boring.

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