Carnival Cruise Line Introduces The ‘Honeyboomers’ In New Spots Via Red Engine

Carnival Cruise Line Introduces The ‘Honeyboomers’ In New Spots Via Red Engine

Carnival Cruise Line has unveiled a new campaign to celebrate a different kind of holiday occasion – the ‘Honeyboom’.

The brand has observed a new travel trend that sees couples travelling without their teenage kids to discover a newfound freedom and the fun of cruising together.

After spotting the trend on-board, Carnival Cruise Line commissioned research* (with couples with children 13 years and over) to find out if a Honeyboom could really make a difference to their relationship.

The research revealed that more than 20 per cent of respondents haven’t been on a holiday without their kids for five years or more. And when asked how a child-free holiday might benefit their relationship, 35 per cent of respondents said to ‘have more fun together and to remember why they got married in the first place’.

Enter the Honeyboomers! Created by independent creative agency Red Engine SCC, the campaign christens these couples leaving the kids at home to enjoy a second honeymoon.

Partnering with well-known relationship expert John Aiken, the campaign recognises the importance of couples spending quality time together, having fun and enjoying new experiences – ingredients to a happy and healthy relationship.

A series of online videos feature Aiken and free-spirited couples discussing the fun and mischief they get up to on a Carnival cruise, and a Facebook ‘Are you in need of a Honeyboom?’ quiz, digital advertising, retail support and PR activity round out the campaign.

Jayne Andrews, marketing director at Carnival Cruise Line Australia, said: “In the past four years, we’ve seen an 80 per cent increase in couples with older children sailing without their kids, experiencing new and fun travel adventures.

“Many of these savvy couples have realised they can bag a bargain outside school holidays too. Having kids changes everything, so when the time comes for couples to have a kid free holiday again, they’re embracing it.

“The campaign celebrates this time, and sparks consideration for those new to cruising, that taking a Honeyboom on Carnival can reignite the fun in their relationship.”

Red Engine SCC’s general manager and head of strategy, Kate Richardson said: “We’re proud of our latest work for Carnival Cruise Line. By creating a desire around this occasion, we can help couples relive a new sense of freedom (last experienced in the pre-children years) with the fun of a cruising holiday with Carnival.

“It’s also given us a great opportunity to talk to first-time cruisers by tapping into a genuine insight, and connecting with them in a relevant and of course fun way.”


Client: Carnival Cruise Line 

Marketing director – Jayne Andrews

Brand and retail marketing manager – Cassandra Drougas

Digital lead – Angela Diamant

Creative agency: Red Engine SCC 

Creative director – Mitch Alison

Senior creative – Ben Harrison

General manager and head of strategy – Kate Richardson

Senior digital and content strategist – Paul Isbell

Senior social media manager – Jade Waite

Producer – Samantha Farrance

Group account director – Andrew Killey

Senior account manager – Katy Ward

PR agency: Fleishman Hillard 

Account director – Jessica Dunne

Account manager – Samantha Drummond


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