Cannes Gets Classy With Kim And Kanye Chaos

Cannes Gets Classy With Kim And Kanye Chaos

B&T’s very own editor-in-chief, David Hovenden, got all star struck as he sidled up to his favourite heroine at Cannnes, the great Kim Kardashian. hovenden managed to file this critique of his nine-hour wait in line to see the woman with the world’s most famous bottom…

Sporting Kanye as a handbag and under the ever-watchful eye of her mother Kris, a pregnant Kim Kardashian swept into the Cannes Lions Festival and proved that there really is no substitute for celebrity to draw a crowd.

Bizarrely she had been bumped from the Cannes main stage because a major sponsor BBC had demanded the bigger room at the same time.

Consequently, the queue to get in to see the girl with the famous behind was way long and frustrated ushering staff were turning people away an hour before she was due on stage.

Relegated to the press conference, B&T joined every other journalist in the northern hemisphere to queue all over again to get in to see the woman who crashed the internet.

Well before the entourage emerged, a sassy PR man from the Lions pleaded with the assembled media throng “to be nice” and to “promise not to ask her any stupid questions” and keep our questions to her views on her new app game.

He went so far as to say: “I can’t hear you!” when there were only muted assurances from the media pack that they would indeed play nicely with Kim.

Mercifully we all voiced up and excitedly lined up near the verandah door that Kim would soon sweep through.

Not an hour before, Sir John Heggarty and Richard Curtis, two genuine legends of advertising, film and activism, and many other significant achievements had sat before less than a quarter of the assembled throng and virtually a question was asked about their plan to literally leave the world a better place.

But now, Kim was before us and with Kanye and Kris hovering in the wings next to Kim’s enormous security man, she bleated on about how “people had been so kind to her” and that she really only worked with brands that she felt such a strong affinity with.

She then gave us an enormous insight into the fact that she couldn’t stand people who were too commercial on Instagram and she never agreed to include Instagram posts with any of her sponsors.

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