Cannes Day Five: All The Action From B&T’s Young Blogging Duo

Cannes Day Five: All The Action From B&T’s Young Blogging Duo

B&T’s columnists from Cannes – R/GA’s Kate Allan and Dane Van Veen (winners of News Corp 2016 Australian Young Lions) – return with their take on day five of the annual creative trophy-fest. Here, the duo break the entire thing day into easily snackable take-aways…

It’s Dane and Kate again, coming to you hot sunburned from the French Riviera. There’s a lot to be learned in Cannes – and not just about the importance of wearing sunscreen. Your next big idea could be inspired at any moment, whether it’s 3pm in the Palais by a panel of eminent creative directors, or 3am on a yacht by a guy wearing sunglasses and doing the robot.

Cannes is full of creative people pouring rosé-scented blood, sweat and tears into creating the next big thing. And with such an atmosphere buzzing around us, we couldn’t help but come up with a few Cannes-inspired start-up ideas of our own.


Every time you get on a yacht in Cannes you roll a dice. If you’re lucky enough to get on five yachts without meeting an absolute tosser, you win! (No one ever wins.)


An app that serves up a daily new trending outfit, so you can finally wash that white linen shirt.


Are you so rich that you’ve run out of ideas on how to spend all your cash? Leave it to Spendr, the most expensive app ever made. There’s literally nothing to it. Throwing away your money has never been easier!

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 9.48.25 AM

Why throw your money away with a crazy party on one of these, when you could do it in the click of a button with Spendr!

Virtual Virtual Reality (VVR)

Cannes delegates spend a lot of time waiting in line for VR experiences. Ever wondered what that would be like? Now you don’t have to! We’ll create a VR experience of waiting in line for a VR experience.


The ratio of men to women in Cannes is bad news for gender equality, but great news for single ladies looking to bag a creative fella. But how to do you work out who’s a serious prospect, and who’s just looking for a quickie on La Croisette? Ager is an app that ages your Tinder photos 40 years so you can be sure both parties are in it for the long haul. 

Millenial Findr

Helps you track down every millennial within a 200 kilometre radius and force them into user testing groups.

Shade Seeker

Identifies the shadiest route to your next location so your delicate Creative Director skin doesn’t get fried by the hot Cannes sun.


Too busy “networking” to call home? Let our chat-bot will do it for you! We’ll automatically respond to your spouse’s texts to let them know how much you miss them and what a terrible time you’re having on the French Riviera.


After-sun lotion that doubles as neon body paint. Now your sunburn can burn up the dancefloor as well.

Start-Up Name Generater

Enter any word and our app will remove the vowels, adds an “r” to the end, and change the “y” into “ee”.

Millennial Phrasebook

Forget learning French – our digital phrasebook will translate anything you want to say into the language of the people who really matter.

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