Campaign: Aussie Home Loans Extends ‘Smart to Ask’ Via 303Lowe

Campaign: Aussie Home Loans Extends ‘Smart to Ask’ Via 303Lowe

Home loan company Aussie Home Loans has launched the new stage of its ‘Smart to Ask’ marketing campaign designed to motivate customers to seek a free expert second opinion on their home loan.

Evolving Aussie’s successful ‘Smart to Ask’ brand position, the new campaign aims to inspire and challenge the 50 per cent of Australians who don’t use a mortgage broker and instead go directly to their bank for a home loan. It asks them to consider why they only seek their bank’s opinion when it comes to the biggest financial decision in their lives.

Alex Crompton, Head of Marketing and Digital at Aussie, said “We know that consumers today are more satisfied and have stronger relationships with their main financial institution than ever before. Banks are working harder and harder to provide a high level of customer service, a more diverse range of products, and innovative, cool technology, so it is unsurprising that more and more customers are loyal to their banks when it comes to getting a home loan.

“This meant that our inaugural ‘Smart to Ask’ campaign, which told consumers to come directly to Aussie instead of going to their bank, risked polarising and alienating this large chunk of potential customers. Therefore we have strategically evolved our communications to instead ask them to come to Aussie for a free expert second opinion. It just makes absolute sense to make sure you’ve got the best deal, even if you have already spoken to your bank. You’d be amazed at how much we can save people,” he added.

Created by 303 Lowe, the new campaign sees Aussie founder and executive chairman John Symond back on the small screen with an emotive 30-second TVC, that will be followed up by complementary 15-second spots as the year progresses.

Tony Dunseath, Managing Partner and CSD at 303 Lowe, explained “We often get a second opinion on little things in life like what restaurant we should eat at or where to go on holiday, but why don’t we ask for a second opinion on one of the biggest financial decisions we’ll ever have to make? This campaign is just the beginning of a new push to position Aussie as the essential destination for a second opinion on your home loan.”

“Aussie is a confident and genuine alternative to the banks and will always fight for every consumer to find a better deal. In this campaign we remind customers that it’s smart to ask Aussie for a free expert second opinion because it could be the most valuable second opinion they ever get, and that could make a real difference to their lives and to the lives of their family,” Mr Crompton concluded.

The fully integrated campaign will also be rolled out across online channels with search, banner ad and comparison site advertising, as well as local radio, a multitude of local area marketing campaigns, in-store marketing, local events, PR and social campaigns.

The new campaign launches on Sunday 18 January, with the TV ads set to run nationally across metro, regional and subscription TV networks.

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