Why Seven’s 7REDiQ Is Set To Become Every Brand’s Campaign Weapon

Why Seven’s 7REDiQ Is Set To Become Every Brand’s Campaign Weapon

Let’s be real: you never have too many weapons in your digital arsenal, and Seven’s recently unveiled 7REDiQ is set to become the campaign weapon every brand needs to have. And we mean, really needs to have.

In partnership with ThinkPremiumDigital, B&T is exploring how premium content—which, compared to social media delivers a 42 per cent uplift in memory encoding, according to research by Neuro-Insight—drives better business results for advertisers.

So, what the heck is 7REDiQ? B&T spoke to Seven West Media’s Audience Intelligence Director Andrew Brain all about the new product, and what gives it the sharp edge in a premium digital market.

Essentially, 7REDiQ allows advertisers to plan, buy and measure campaigns. It does this by pulling together all the data signals that come into Seven West Media and connecting each data signal to a unique identifier. Seven calls that the SWMID.

The SWMID feeds into 7REDiQ and is then enriched with data from Seven’s partners, the likes of which include major partner Ticketek, flybuys and a yet-to-be-announced credit card partner.

In the case of Ticketek, this means brands will have access to 16 million active ticket buyers from across Australia matched against Seven West Media’s first-party audience data.

And flybuys offers up data from 8.6m customers informing brands on consumer behaviour around food, beverage, and consumer packaged goods.

Sounds like an advertiser’s dream.

“From a 7plus audience, with data from Ticketek and flybuys, we can now understand consumer lifestyle attributes, and by using deterministic data, we can also fuse that back to segments based on what they are buying,” Brain told B&T.

While Seven is yet to reveal its card partner, Brain explained the move would inform “spend indexing against the different audiences that we have”.

Brain told B&T the main focus of 7REDiQ is to develop a “real, granular understanding of screen-based audiences”, to the benefit of advertisers and marketers and for them to see the ‘data’ as people and potential customers.

He also added, “From agency and marketers who saw the REDiQ presentation at our upfront presentation in October, the feedback has been incredible. When they get to see it up close, marketers are very clear what it means for them and the opportunities it presents.”

The customer data platform gives marketers a precise view on what makes Seven West Media’s consumers tick – and there are more than five million of them on the 7plus Broadcaster Video On Demand (BVOD) platform alone.

“In previous worlds with broadcast, the currency was industry-based measurement,” Brain said. “So now, for us, it is really about asking how we understand audiences, yes from the content they consume, but where they have been, their brand affinities to what’s landing in their grocery basket.”

These days, gathering data on the age, gender and location is table stakes, but 7REDiQ takes this to the next level with a deeper understanding of consumers and their behaviour which is of interest to all sorts of brands and can be used to inform campaigns across Seven West Media’s digital assets, including 7plus and the fast-growing digital news site 7NEWS.com.au.

When asked how important it is for Seven West Media to have this capability, Brain said 7REDiQ is much more than just a platform to drive advertising revenues.

“It’s also driving our decisions around programming, content and marketing strategy and execution,” he told B&T. “Every part of our business is committed to audience-centricity.”

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