British TV Presenters Pull A ‘Karl Stefanovic’, Turn Up To Breakfast Show Drunk

British TV Presenters Pull A ‘Karl Stefanovic’, Turn Up To Breakfast Show Drunk

Remember how amusing it was when Karl Stefanovic fronted up to The Today Show still pretty hammered from The Logies the night before? Well, this is almost as good.

British telly presenters Holly Wiloughby and Phillip Schofield rocked up to work at their live breakfast TV show This Morning, backing up from a raucous night at the National Television Awards.

You can watch their trainwreck of a broadcast here:

The duo nabbed a win for Best Live Magazine Show the previous night, and as it seems, partied just a little too hard.

“OK, so obviously you might have noticed we’re still wearing the same clothes,” Willoughby told viewers, her co-host giggling like a small child.

“Um. I haven’t been home yet. I came straight here,” she continued, attempting to hide a number of stains on what was a once-white dress.

“Before you jump to any conclusions about where these mysterious yellow stains might have come from, they are in fact mustard and piccalilli,” she slurred.

The presenters told viewers the night ended with a food fight at the house of fellow TV presenter Ant McPartlin.

“We’re in a proper mess,” Schofield added. “I mean, we really are. We can only apologise for what’s about to happen. We celebrated on behalf of each and every one of you.

“Neither of us should be on television.”

It takes us back to that glorious day when our beloved Karl slurred his way through his own breakfast broadcast:

Viewers of This Morning, however, were well supportive of the pair’s efforts:

The pair fumbled through their broadcast without any upchucks (thankfully) and later tweeted out from a more sober place, somewhat bashful no doubt. 

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