Double Murder, Guns And Textas: Check Out Bob Katter’s Political Ad

Double Murder, Guns And Textas: Check Out Bob Katter’s Political Ad

Independent Queensland MP Bob Katter believes Labor and Liberal politicians are selling Australia out to foreign investment, his latest political advert has a simple solution- double murder.

The ad is for Katter’s electorate campaign ‘Australia is not for sale’ ahead of the July 2 election.

Katter’s Facebook page uploaded the video yesterday with the caption “Perhaps the most wicked campaign ad for 2016? Starring Bob Katter, and the ALP and LNP faceless men ~~ Big thanks to the Betoota Advocate.”

The advert is drawing plenty of criticism with its timing the tragic shooting in Orlando, Florida at LGBT nightclub Pulse. The attack tragically killed 49 people and injured many others.

“It’s a total disregard for the loss of lives that we saw in Orlando recently, which is still having a huge impact on my community which is the LBGTI, but also the greater community,” Katter’s half-brother Carl Katter, who is also the ALP’s candidate in the Melbourne seat of Higgins, told the ABC.

Queensland Liberal MP Barry O’Sullivan posted on Facebook claiming Katter should withdraw from the campaign. O’Sullivan’s full post on Facebook says: “Tonight I have issued a media statement calling on Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter to immediately withdraw from the federal election contest following the release of a violent political advertisement where he depicts himself murdering his unarmed political opponents.

“I am loathed to do anything that might be seen to give an audience to such a disgraceful and bizarre video, but in the wake of the Orlando shootings and other acts of political violence around the globe, we must draw a line and say there can be no room in our political discourse for this type of behaviour.

“In Bob Katter’s narcissistic rush to promote himself as a lone cowboy, he obviously did not consider that his advertisement could incite others to believe murder and violence was an acceptable way to resolve disputes.

“Bob Katter tries to portray himself as some gun-toting tough guy but shooting unarmed people is the very definition of a coward. As a retired detective, I think Katter’s actions are disgraceful and he should stand down.”

Social media doesn’t think its the most wicked campaign ad, YouTube commentators:

  • my favourite bit was when he killed those two guys.
  • This is why we can’t have nice things.
  • Questions to answer Bob. Why the change in hat height? Change without continuity.
  • The way that hat moves up the tree is so David Lynch, very clever homage Robert.
  • If this does not make Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell then I will be very disappointed…


Katter appeared on the Sky News and called the ad ‘screamingly funny’:

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