Beautiful Doritos Ad About Son Coming Out Goes Viral, Via Slap Buenos Aires

Beautiful Doritos Ad About Son Coming Out Goes Viral, Via Slap Buenos Aires
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A two-minute ad for Doritos, about a father who turns to Reddit to learn how to respond to his son being gay, is going viral with at least 14.7 million views at time of writing.

The campaign for Doritos Mexico, called ‘The Greatest Gift’, was reportedly created by Slap Buenos Aires and directed by Nico Perez Veiga through Primo Mexico.

It follows a real story about a divorced father who discovers his son, Javier, is gay but doesn’t know how to respond. The father asks for help on a Reddit Forum, obtaining more than 60,000 answers from the online community.

At the end of the ad, the father approaches Javier and asks to have a word with him, when he tells his son: “I love you.”

Javier tearfully replies, “What you want to tell me is that you love me as I am?”

His father nods his head yes and the two men embrace, with the ad concluding with the on-screen message: “The best gift for these holidays is accepting everyone the way they are.”

You can view the original ad, or an English-subbed version of it, below.


The ad comes as the latest campaign for Doritos Rainbow, the brand’s platform celebrating and backing the LGBTQI+ community.

“Were’ really proud of the accomplishments that have been achieved with Doritos Rainbow,” Eduardo Córdoba, marketing director at Doritos México, told, “and we believe the moment is right to show that our commitment extends beyond a proud celebration every June.”

Featured image source: YouTube/Doritos MX

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