Brexit Traffic: BBC And The Guardian Score Record Results

Brexit Traffic: BBC And The Guardian Score Record Results

While Brexit has been devastating for some, it’s seen traffic results for the BBC and The Guardian deserving of a ‘cor blimey!’ It comes on news more people were interested in Brexit that weekend than they were watching porn.

The day of the Brexit results on June 24 – where the UK voted to leave the EU (European Union) – saw the BBC as a whole attract 21 million unique browsers (a single person who has been to the site) and 114 million page views. Across the weekend, the number bumped up to 30 million unique browsers. The BBC’s average is 85 million unique browsers each month, roughly 2.8 million uniques each day.

Locally, the figures were 1.024 million for that day, with page views at 7.7 million. The BBC says in Australia, this is three times more than the average traffic levels for a day.

The Guardian Brexit Traffic

And over at The Guardian, June 24, the site had 17 million unique browsers – around three million more uniques than the publication’s second highest story. There was 77 million page views of the Brexit story.

“The last few days have been seismic and historic for Britain, the greatest political crisis since the second world war with reverberations felt around the world,” said Katharine Viner, editor-in-chief of Guardian News & Media.

“In a time of anxiety and confusion people turned to the Guardian, in greater numbers, in greater depth, and for longer, than ever before. We’re proud to have been able to provide those readers with clear, well-sourced, calm and accessible journalism, and will continue to do so as we enter uncharted waters in the weeks and months ahead.”

Much of the mainstream media has dominated numerous headlines to Brexit, and while the UK voted to leave the EU, the repercussions continue to flow in.

In adland, UM’s global chief strategy and creative officer Mat Baxter reckons Brexit is going to result in ‘Adexit’, particularly given GroupM has already seen a drop of in print and TV advertising as advertisers became wary of the results.

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