Avanade Expands Its Avanade X Business Into Australia & Europe

Avanade Expands Its Avanade X Business Into Australia & Europe
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Avanade is bringing its digital consultancy and design capabilities to Australia and Europe with the expansion of its Avanade X business adding more than 2,800 Microsoft-dedicated digital and design professionals across a total of 14 countries.

Maintaining relevant and meaningful relationships with customers and employees has never been more challenging for businesses than over the past four years, as peoples’ needs have evolved faster than businesses can adapt. The acceleration of cloud and AI has created an important inflection point, offering organisations new pathways to redefine customer and employee interactions, enable new products and experiences, and deliver on brand promises to accelerate growth.

Avanade X’s expansion into Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Poland will enable more businesses around the world to access Avanade’s deep skills, experience and industry expertise to differentiate themselves in their markets. Avanade X will work alongside Avanade’s Advisory and Technology business groups to create unique, enriching experiences using Microsoft Technology.

“We are dedicated to igniting a passion for brands. Personalised experiences have never been more important, and businesses that prioritise them while also harnessing the power of AI will emerge as leaders in the next decade,” said Jason Hunt, global lead for Avanade X. “As customer and employee expectations reach new heights and the pace of change accelerates, brands frequently overpromise and underdeliver. Avanade X stands as the bridge, creating digital products and experiences that seamlessly integrate with the rhythms of modern life and work”.

“It’s an exciting time for Australian businesses as they look to accelerate their AI adoption journey,” says Joan O’Reilly, regional Avanade X lead, Avanade Australia. “As Australian business leaders prepare for an innovative and pragmatic future with AI, it’s important to have the right mix of expertise that can fulfil not only current business needs but also empower future experiences. The Avanade X team look forward to working closely with local businesses on this transformative journey to create relevant and enduring experiences for their employees and customers”.

Recognised as the 2023 Microsoft Partner of the Year for Customer Experience, Avanade X is organised around three primary dimensions of experience-enabled growth – Customer Experience, Workplace Experience, and Digital Products & Services. The creative team at Avanade X seamlessly integrates across all three dimensions, ensuring a holistic approach that maximises human and business impact.

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