Andrew Begg

With a career spanning almost 3 decades and experience transforming brands and businesses across 5 continents, Andrew Begg is one of the industry’s most accomplished brand transformation specialists. Having worked his way up through the world’s preeminent branding, advertising and design agencies, Andrew has skills in a breadth of disciplines. A designer by trade, he has spent 25 years cultivating his strategic, creative and digital skillset. Now, with a client portfolio boasting some 300 brand transformations, it comes as no surprise that Andrew is a specialist in an extensive number of industries. With a wealth of experience in retail, automotive & property, he truly has a unique strength of dexterity in the world of branding. Andrew’s approach is simple. A natural perfectionist, he has an ability to see beyond the brand identity to more holistic, ‘bigger picture’ thinking. His method of branding involves the fusion of cultural & digital trends, customer insights and creative differentiation. What makes his work exceptional is his ability to predict future trends and break category norms. Andrew is a leader not a follower and the brands he has transformed are direct examples of his tenacious efforts to prepare businesses for the future. Andrew understands the immediate and long-term problems and opportunities businesses face today. In 2000, he created Traffic, which specialises in brand and retail transformation. In the first few months of operation, Traffic won, Raine & Horne & Goodyear Dunlop Australia and since then has worked with over 200 brands including some of the world’s largest companies. His personal experience with high-level business strategy means he understands the role branding plays in achieving tangible business objectives. Return on investment is paramount to the Traffic offering. Andrew continues to own 100% of Traffic 12 years after it inception. The business has a turnover of $7+ million and billings excess of $25+ million. Specialties: Re-invent ailing brands and businesses. Increase brand equity, ROI and shareholder value. National multi channel award winning marketing campaigns. Retail and brand revitalisation. Brand strategy and planning. Develop branding and positioning differentiation strategies. Franchise marketing and creation. Listing a company for list on the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) Retail marketing. Website development and digital marketing. Integrated marketing Create unique customer experiences.
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