Australia Wins! We’re The Best At Brand Marketing Automation!

Australia Wins! We’re The Best At Brand Marketing Automation!

Australia is apparently in a good place when it comes to the automation of brand marketing, with Sam Smith, managing director of ad tech platform TubeMogul, declaring “Australia is actually the most advanced market in the world” to the audience at the Daze of Disruption conference in Melbourne.

Speaking to the audience about the brand marketing and automation landscape, our nation’s sophistication in the space is paramount, “particularly when it comes to video,” he added.

Smith hailed the tech companies “fiercely” fighting in this space, innovative marketing teams and media agencies and publishers who push tech companies “to do better”.

“I guess when you have that perfect storm, and you have a market where everything is connected and the infrastructure is really, really solid, you start to get some pretty exciting things,” he said.

“For us, when you look at this digital marketing in an automated video sense, we’re definitely doing things in this market that particularly in the US and the UK, are nowhere near.”

One such example Smith pointed to was our television market, which he said was incredibly strong and not as fragmented as other markets. And brand marketing too isn’t just about video, it also encompasses display advertising and social media.

“And so you get to a world where those top sections are automated. You start to use really rich data sets and unique audience segments to start to get machines to make data-driven decisions.”

While the machine is obviously important in the digital aspect, it’s not the only thing. Smith said it brings us to an environment where humans are no longer just pulling levers on a machine, and instead getting down into the nitty gritty of strategy.

Give yourself a pat on the back, Australia.

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