Aussie Super Bowl Ad One Of Two Crash The Super Bowl Ads Aired During The Game

Aussie Super Bowl Ad One Of Two Crash The Super Bowl Ads Aired During The Game

The Aussie ad in which a man is crunching down on Doritos during his partner’s ultrasound has just aired during the Super Bowl.

Usually the ad that is aired is the one that has won the Crash the Super Bowl competition. There appears to be some confusion as to whether the ad just won or not, as Business Insider has reported the ad by Aussie filmmaker Peter Carstairs has won, however Doritos has tweeted it’s one of two being aired.

We’ve asked Doritos what the go is, so will fill you in as soon as we know.

The ad is one of three ad ads within Doritos’ Crash the Super Bowl competition that made the finals.

Nevertheless, it’s an exciting time for Carstairs and the team at production house Mr Smith. When he first made the finals, Carstairs told B&T he hadn’t be holding his breath.

Ad agency Cummins&Partners also played a role in the making of the ad, with two of its creatives Liam Jenkins and Heath Collins joining forces with Carstairs.

Ben Couzens, executive creative director at Cummins&Partners said: “Having an opportunity to write a Super Bowl script isn’t something that comes up very often down here in Oz so when Pete came to us from Mr Smith and asked us to write him a script for the competition, we obviously jumped at it.”

Helene Nicol of Mr Smith added: “Our mantra is ‘Make it Happen’. On Ultrasound, it was simply a matter of bringing together the right people and giving them the resources needed to bring a big idea to life.”

Aussies have been close to winning the Doritos competition before, but have been pipped at the end. Here’s hoping it’s our year this year!

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