ASICS Creates Thermochromic Print Ad To Test Your Foot Type

ASICS Creates Thermochromic Print Ad To Test Your Foot Type

Sportswear company ASICS has unveiled a thermochromic print ad that allows you to test what type of feet you have in order to identify the most suitable running shoes for them.

ASICS said in a statement that the campaign was in response to the thousands of runners who don’t use the proper running shoes for their foot type.

A print ad was created by Brazilian agency Neogama, and uses a thermochromic ink that reacts to the body heat to determine the foot type of a person by showing clearly their footprint.

All people need to do is to stand on the magazine, over the determined area, to find out if the foot type is supinator (when the shoes wear themselves out on the outer area of the sole), pronator (wear themselves out on the inner area of the sole) or neutral (when the sole wears itself out uniformly).

The ad can be seen on the cover of latest mag editions of Runners and Women’s Health.


Title: Foot Type Test Ad

Client: ASICS

Agency: Neogama

Chief creative officer: Alexandre Gam

Creative directors: Márcio Ribas e Fabio Mozeli

Art directors: Gabriel Marcondes, Sávio Hatherly, José Pedro Bortolini, Michel Morem

Copywriter: Pedro Rosas

Account: Guilherme Nogueira, Renato Miguez, João Castro e Oleg Loretto

Planner: Maju Strasburg

Media: Luiz Gini, Giuliana Chekin, Cibele Perandin, Karem Pugliesi

Head of production: Mariah Bayeux

RTVC: Paula Alimonda

Art buyer: Vanessa Raad, Felipe Moro

Film editor: Roger Pereira, Lucas Souza

Motion design: Marcos Thuki

Production company: Ritmo Visual Filmes

Film director: Pedro H. M. Marques

Film photographer: Marco Lomiler

Executive producer: Patrick Caracas

Producer: Mayra Donatelli

Camera assistant: Yllan Carvalho

Colourist: Luca Leocadio

Sound production company: Hefty

Sound producer: Edu Luke

Atendimento Som: Juliana Cruz

Support production company: Bandits

Graphic production company: Casa da Produção Gráfica

Client: Mauricio Busin, Thaise Oliveira

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