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Racy Dutch Menswear Campaign Slammed As Too Racy

Racy Dutch Menswear Campaign Slammed As Too Racy

Amsterdam menswear brand Suitsupply’s latest ad campaign Toy Boys features tiny men in sexual suggestive positions against disproportionately huge women wearing bikinis.

In a press release the company said: “Sometimes it seems like it’s a woman’s world these days. And we just live in it… You’re a Playboy, but what happens when the playboy becomes the plaything?

“The water’s warm, the women are beautiful, and the sky is drenched by the sun, and most importantly of all, you’ve got your best suit of armor on your back, suddenly its obvious, there’s nothing else to do, simply sit back and enjoy the ride.”
The campaign has been accused of objectifying women’s body to sell a male product. Check out the campaign:

The CEO of Suitsupply Fokke de Jong  told BuzzFeed News: “I think our press release and idea about the campaign says a lot. Its called toy boys depicting the men as little dolls together with giant beautiful women that play with the men.

“If you want to read any form of sexism in here than it has to be towards the men they obviously do not have the upper hand here.”

You know those tiny men simulating urinating in a woman’s mouth and using a woman’s breasts as a slip and slide.

Social media has attacked the campaign:

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