Amber Harrison In Tell-All Interview With ABC’s 7.30

Amber Harrison In Tell-All Interview With ABC’s 7.30

Amber Harrison may have gone down but she’s still swinging, going on the ABC’s 7.30 show last night to say she had “no regrets” about going public following her affair with Seven supremo Tim Worner.

Last Monday, the NSW Supreme Court ordered the former executive assistant to pay her former employer’s legal costs rumoured to be as much as $1 million.

You can watch Harrison’s interview with 7.30 in full here.

Despite being under a court-ordered gag, Harrison was rather matter-of-fact in her ABC interview saying the whole affair was “a lesson in how many ways can you screw a girl”.

“I made a decision that I couldn’t go on without telling the truth and without telling it the way I did, so no, I don’t regret it,” Harrison said.

“At the start this was about a spat with two people but this has turned into something very different.

“This is a company that signed me into agreements and then didn’t honour them, and the idea that I’m not supposed to stand up for myself when that happens is wrong.

“This is not about a relationship, this is about what the company did next and it always has been. It’s exhausted me in every way,” she said.

Harrison said when she left Seven in 2014 and the board was aware of her affair with Worner she was promised a payout of $400,000 but said she never received the money. A claim that has been contradicted in court proceedings.

“I didn’t get that money. I signed a deal, yes, but as soon as it was signed the deal fell apart and I just decided … that I couldn’t get into the court system and the court system wouldn’t serve me as an individual, and I went public to tell the truth, to tell my story,” she said.

Meanwhile, The Australian Financial Review’s Aaron Patrick has continued his stinging attack of Harrison in another column today.

In his column, Patrick claims Seven was close to striking a deal with Harrison, however, it all fell over following a bungle by Harrison’s legal team.

Patrick wrote: “Sources say an agreement was sketched by July 9, the day before the hearing into Seven West Media’s request for an injunction permanently prohibiting Harrison from revealing her workplace secrets, including her sordid affair with Worner.

“Harrison’s side were so expectant of a deal that they didn’t prepare any evidence for the case that began at 10am the next morning…

“Without evidence – Harrison’s team had missed the deadline by weeks – it was going to be hard for her celebrity barrister, Julian Burnside, to convince a judge Seven had repudiated the deal that delivered her $400,000 in hush money.”

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