Adobe: Sustainability A Key Indicator Of Success For Australian Executives

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Adobe has found that 31% of Australian executives rank sustainability as one of their top ten metrics for business success, with 75% saying it is important to achieve “high sustainability” at work. 

The software company has published new research into employees’ stances on environmental impact and sustainability practices within the Australian workplace.

Around 62% of Australians believe their company wants to reduce the harm it causes to the environment and one third (32%) of Australian executives surveyed say their company has boosted its sustainability efforts to attract more prospective employees.

Whilst most Australian employees are involved in driving sustainability changes, it is millennials that are really leading the way. As many as 64% of those within the 25–34-year age group are involved in driving sustainability practices compared to 48% for those over the age of 55. 

Over half of all survey respondents said that they encourage others at work to be mindful of their company’s sustainability practices, whereas 53% said they would like to be more involved in driving sustainability practices in their workplace.

However, only 50% of Australian employees feel empowered to help improve their company’s sustainability practices, and 30% would only work for an organisation that prioritises sustainability.

Recycling programs, reducing, or eliminating paper and plastic usage in the workplace, and prioritizing renewable energy were listed as the top three ways Australian businesses can become more sustainable. 

As many as 64% of Australians believing that hybrid working can also help reduce emissions. 

Respondents also believe that considering the entire supply chain will be one of the key opportunities for sustainable development in the future. Almost 70% of Australians said that sustainability initiatives will be viewed as a platform for innovation and thought leadership in the future, whereas 67% of Australians estimated that companies will revamp internal processes to reduce environmental impact. 

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