Adobe Launches Experience Platform In Australia And New Zealand

Adobe Launches Experience Platform In Australia And New Zealand

Adobe has today announced the launch of Adobe Experience Platform built on Microsoft Azure’s data centre infrastructure in Australia.

The move will allow Australia and New Zealand businesses to access Adobe Experience Platform, the industry’s first real-time, enterprise-grade platform for Customer Experience Management (CXM), to deliver great customer experiences at scale. Australia and New Zealand businesses can also take advantage of the various services and applications it supports, such as Real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service. Leading brands including Tabcorp are already taking advantage of the local data centre to use Adobe Experience Platform.

The Microsoft Azure Australia data centre will enable Australia and New Zealand businesses to have access to Adobe’s latest innovations faster and more efficiently. It also allows brands to keep critical customer information – including personally identifiable information – on-shore. For many organisations this is required to comply with certain privacy and data sovereignty legislation. For others, it simply offers peace of mind.

“The investment in this new data centre forms part of a larger commitment Adobe is making in the region,” said Adobe managing director Australia and New Zealand Suzanne Steele [feature image].

“Australia and New Zealand businesses are innovative and forward-thinking. They understand that to drive more business value, they need to deliver personalised experiences at scale, and are willing to invest to achieve this. Since the launch of Adobe Experience Cloud almost three years ago, we’ve seen a majority of our local banks, telcos, airlines and other major brands adopt Adobe as their gold standard for marketing technology.  We expect this to continue, and therefore are investing – both in terms of local support and technical innovation.”

Adobe invests in local team

Adobe’s Australia and New Zealand business is one of the fastest-growing regions for Adobe, with double-digit headcount growth year-on-year for the last three years. To support this and future growth plans it has expanded its Sydney office to add 2787 square meters. Combined with a shift towards a more agile working space, Adobe has doubled the number of seats available in the Sydney office. Adobe’s Melbourne office will also relocate to a new and larger space at the end of the year, located at 101 Moray Street, South Melbourne, providing additional space for more desks, meeting spaces and breakout areas.

This year, Adobe’s premiere digital experience conference held in Sydney, Adobe Symposium, is expanding to become Adobe Summit for the Asia Pacific region. Adobe Summit Asia Pacific, one of only three Adobe Summit’s in the world, recognises the swift digital transformation taking place in customer experience management, marketing automation, analytics, advertising and commerce across Asia Pacific.

In New Zealand, Adobe recently appointed Colin Rebairo as the country manager. Rebairo brings more than 20 years of experience in business transformation, as well as CX and marketing automation, and is building a New Zealand team to provide the tools local businesses need to design and deliver compelling digital experiences.

Tabcorp an early adopter of Adobe Experience Platform

The introduction of the local data centre means that Australia and New Zealand businesses can access Adobe’s latest innovations faster and more simply. This includes Adobe Experience Platform, an open and extensible platform, bringing customer data points together in real time from disparate applications across the enterprise. By helping bridge marketing and IT silos, brands can find meaning in disparate data sets and achieve a more holistic customer view seamlessly, complete with out-of-the box governance tools.

Tabcorp, a world-class diversified gambling entertainment group listed on the ASX, has been an early adopter of Adobe Experience Platform and is using it to enhance the impact and efficiency of customer communications.

Tabcorp’s wagering & media business executive general manager – marketing, customer and product Luke Waldren said: “Our business strategy is grounded in understanding our customers and delivering superb experiences. To achieve that, we are using technology to enhance our digital and data capability. Adobe Experience Platform is a critical piece of the puzzle, bringing data from different parts of the business together to give us a more accurate view of our customers in real time. We are analysing and acting on millions of data points to ensure we are providing the best and safest environment for customers. Adobe Experience Platform is helping us achieve that goal with an increased level of certainty and accuracy. As it is an open platform we can connect it to our existing technology and enhance those investments as well.”

Real-time CDP

Built on Adobe Experience Platform, Adobe’s Real-time CDP can take real-time action with customer data, to deliver more persoanlised experiences.

“Combined with Adobe’s new Real-time CDP, brands can use Adobe Experience Platform to create real-time customer profiles across multiple channels throughout the customer journey,” said Adobe Experience Platform product marketing group manager Ronell Hugh.

“Leveraging Adobe Sensei AI and machine learning, brands can apply a layer of intelligence to connect data and content to ensure the delivery of the right message on the right channel, in real-time. Adobe is also providing AI-as-a-Service so that customers can easily configure the AI to meet their specific needs, without any data science expertise, accelerating time to value.”

“CDPs need to evolve. Traditionally, the role of CDPs has been to collate masses of data signals and make them actionable. However, the more data collected, the harder it is to action,” said Accordant CEO and co-founder Stephen Knowles.

“Real-time CDP built on Adobe Experience Platform brings known and unknown data together into a single unified profile, and is virtually unrestricted in terms of raw data signals and consumer events it can collect, agnostically, from any source. This allows Australia and New Zealand brands to fully meet the demands of modern connected consumer expectations at scale, without fragmented data, complicated governance and inconsistent experiences.”   

Simplifying Data Governance

Bringing data together from siloed applications and departments and making meaning of it is only part of the challenge Australia and New Zealand businesses face in the CX-era. In today’s regulatory environment, data governance is critical. With Adobe Experience Platform Data Governance, brands now have access to frameworks that help them enforce data usage policies and facilitate the proper use of their data to comply with regulations, obligations and restrictions associated with various data sets. This end-to-end integration, allowing brands to bring together data governance and customer experience, is a first for the industry. And because of Adobe Experience Platform’s open architecture, IT teams can also easily add data governance of their own to meet all their compliance needs.

The Sydney data centre will also provide Australia and New Zealand businesses access to Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service, the industry’s most advanced cloud-native solutionor digital experience management. This modern, purpose-built application for experience management brings together rich out-of-box capabilities and content customization options that marketers and developers demand. Adobe offers the only application with SaaS-like speed to value, meaning brands can onboard and access the application in minutes – and go live with dynamic and personalised content and experiences in just a few weeks, not months as is industry standard today.


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