ADMA And DeakinDigital Launch Professional Credentials

ADMA And DeakinDigital Launch Professional Credentials

The Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA) has kicked off a fresh venture, the Professional Marketing Credentials, designed to establish recognised industry proficiency in the marketing industry.

ADMA has partnered with DeakinDigital, backed by Deakin University, to develop a new framework for marketing capabilities, as well as a credential model. The Credentials are a world-first system of independently verified, evidence-based marketing credentials that provide recognition of an individual’s experience, skills and capability gained through work.

This will enable businesses and individuals to recognise marketing specific capabilities that stack up against globally recognised academic and industry standards, which is essential info for any business wanting to recruit, develop and retain top notch talent in their marketing field.

“Marketing continues to change at a rapid pace. For businesses to be successful, they must ensure they have the optimal marketing teams in place and that their people have the marketing skills and capabilities of the future,”said Jodie Sangster, CEO of ADMA.

“Most organisations struggle to know what capability they currently have and how to build a team for the future. Our new programs solve those problems.

“The capabilities framework defines the required skills and companies can use our new Skills Assessment tool to identify current capabilities and skills gaps.”

With the launch, Credentials will be offered in Data-driven Marketing, Digital Marketing and Content Marketing with further Credentials to be launched by the end of the year.

Simon Hann, CEO of DeakinDigital added, “As a first to market innovative disruptor, DeakinDigital is excited to be working with a like-minded association like ADMA to develop Professional Marketing Credentials.

“The marketing industry is experiencing unprecedented rapidity of change and doesn’t have readily recognised qualification and professional development pathways. Issued by DeakinDigital and ADMA, the Credentials create that pathway, enable identification of industry specific capability and provide recognition of skills that are important for businesses and individuals who wish to secure their future success.”

ADMA has a solid track record with its marketing education in the industry, but through the Professional Marketing Credentials, will now offer a critical bridge to businesses and individuals in helping determine what skills are required and ensuring that the marketing skills of the future are accessible to all organisations.

Qantas CMO Stephanie Tully noted, “Professional Marketing Credentials are what our industry has been crying out for; a professionally audited measure for businesses to know at first glance if an individual has met a certain level of proficiency in a key area.

“As the marketing profession continues to evolve, up to the minute knowledge and expertise are more likely to be gained from hands on experience versus traditional tertiary education and this is going to be an invaluable way to recognise and recruit current and future marketing talent.”

Further details regarding the IQ Professional Credentials can be found here

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