Adland Legend John Singleton Separates From Seventh Wife

Adland Legend John Singleton Separates From Seventh Wife

Less than a year after marrying for the seventh time, John Singleton, is getting divorced.

Singleton, 82, married Sarah Warry, 44, in July last year.

“Everyone was right and we were wrong”, he said. “It is not the first time I have made a mistake and won’t be the last. I know I am half mad but mostly the other half makes up for it. Sometimes not,” the former adman told the Sunday Telegraph, though he said he has no regrets.

Singo started as a mail boy in the Sydney office of J. Walter Thompson in 1958 and rose quickly through the industry, launching two agencies himself and working on the political campaigns for former prime minister Bob Hawke.

He previously told The Tele that Warry was the woman who he “shared sunsets with” but that sometimes “sunsets aren’t enough.”

“I thought it was time to look at sunsets but there are only so many sunsets you can enjoy before you go on the repeat button”.

“She’s a lovely girl but I’m not lovely, the sunset changed, I got sick of looking at sunsets. At the end of the day you don’t stay married when you’re not happy,” he said.

“Living together you come to realise you have different lifestyles that don’t align. Couples would relate.

“How many married couples stay together for the kids or so they don’t lose their house or security? How many of my mates and associates last over 50 years? Half get divorced and remarry.

“Of the 50 percent who stay married, 90 per cent play around and 10 per cent lose interest. It’s a dopey pledge ‘till death do us part’.

“When you no longer enjoy it, split.”

In January, Singo was back in the headlines after spending $16 million on a sprawling Central Coast home.

His new 2.75-hectare house, Panamuna Pavilion, was initially on the market in 2020 for $10 million according to

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