Adidas Hopes To Rid “Racist” Mascots In The States

Adidas Hopes To Rid “Racist” Mascots In The States

Fitness brand adidas is on a mission to abolish Native American mascots deemed “racist” at US high schools.

The use of Native American type mascots in high schools is not uncommon, reported the BBC, and is currently under national debate.

The sporting brand took to Twitter to announce its initiative, and will help high schools change the name of their team names or logos to move “away from harmful symbolism”.

Initiative Change the Mascot has been vocal in its support of adidas. The initiative had been launched originally to help change the name of the Washington Redskins, a football team in the States.

The team’s name has been used in a derogatory manner towards native Americans before, with much debate about whether the team have a rebrand or not.

However, in terms of adidas’s pledge, leaders of Change the Mascot Jackie Pata and Ray Halbritter said: “This is a tremendous display of corporate leadership by adidas. We hope that a number of companies including FedEx, whose name adorns the Washington NFL team’s stadium, will step forward and follow adidas’s lead.

“Adidas clearly understands that in 2015, businesses cannot sit on the sideline on this issue and that they must choose which side they are on. It is inspiring to see that adidas has chosen to be on the side of inclusivity and mutual respect and has set an example for others to follow.

“This remarkable stand against racism by adidas illustrates that the issue of ending the use of the R-word is not going away, but is instead gaining momentum as people understand the damaging impacts of this racial slur.”

Lead image via the BBC.

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