Abbie Chatfield On The REAL Reason She Left Radio

Abbie Chatfield On The REAL Reason She Left Radio

The ever-authentic radio, podcast, and TV personality Abbie Chatfield took to her Instagram page yesterday to tell fans why she quit radio. 

The 28-year-old star said she was keen to avoid ‘whispers’ about why she had left after the news broke yesterday. 

She confirmed she’ll still be working with LiSTNR on her podcast and other podcasting projects.

“So I quit radio and I thought I’d do this video to tell you all first,” she said, speaking to the camera.  

“It was entirely my decision.

“Thinking about it pretty much all year,” she went on to say, before adding that an unplanned two months off from radio had given her clarity on what her next step should be. 

“I realised what I wanted to prioritise,” she said – before adding that she would be focusing on podcasting, TV, live tours and having a social life. 

“I just wasn’t getting joy from that environment anymore,” she said speaking about radio.

She went on to say that she found having to do a daily show “draining” and that she often didn’t have the energy left to share stories on Instagram. 

“I’m really happy with my decision and super proud of myself for letting this role go. I simply need to put my energy into projects that bring me joy and that energise me, rather than draining me. I’m looking forward to socialising with my friends and family as well!! Always a bonus”, she wrote in the text next to the video.

“It’s also time to give someone else a go who would enjoy and appreciate the opportunity more than myself. I have so much on, and daily radio takes up so much time. I simply wasn’t enjoying myself day to day in that environment”.

She finished by making a dig at the Daily Mail Australia. 

“Keen to see what the daily mail say about this LMAO but it’s entirely my decision, I’m super happy and I can’t wait to focus on the myriad of other projects I have coming up!!!!!!!”

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