A Naked Shane Jacobson Saves Water For Sydney Water

A Naked Shane Jacobson Saves Water For Sydney Water

Aussie actor and media personality Shane Jacobson has joined forces with Sydney Water to launch a new water conservation campaign called ‘Turn it off, Bob’ – urging us to think differently about our relationship with water.

The campaign launched yesterday, and features Jacobson in character as the likeable larrikin, ‘Bob’, whose long steamy shower sparks serious interest from neighbours and firefighters alike.

It’s a fun way of highlighting a serious subject according to both Sydney Water and Shane, with showers accounting for more than 26 per cent of total household water consumption in NSW.

“It really is liquid gold – we don’t have an unlimited supply of water, and we know that drought can creep up on us quickly, so every drop we save now, keeps drought at bay for another day,” Jacobsen said.

“Even when it’s raining our behaviours shouldn’t change. How we value water today affects how much we have for tomorrow.

“If people loved water as much as farmers loved water, as much as I love water and, as much as Sydney Water loves water, then it would never get wasted.”

“I was taught at a young age to respect water and truly understand its worth,” he said.

Choosing to be self-sufficient in his own home, Jacobsen has three tanks that hold 230,000 litres of water which he and his family use for showering and drinking.

“For me, understanding the broader impact of my actions today, and the example I set for my kids, it’s just a no brainer,” he said.

“We are not asking anyone to spend money in fact it’s the opposite, being water smart saves money – and tell me anyone who doesn’t like a little more cash in their pocket.

It couldn’t be easier – turning the tap off a little sooner than you normally would, it’s really not that hard.”

Sydney Water’s general manager customer, strategy and engagement, Maryanne Graham welcomed Jacobson as the new face of Sydney Water’s conservation campaign and said education played a key role in effective water conservation.

“We’ve had great success in reducing water consumption through education campaigns that traditionally run during the hotter Summer months.

“This campaign highlights that it’s the behaviours we adopt all year round that ultimately help us keep water in our dams in periods of low rainfall.

“Just one drop of water per second dripping from a shower or tap, adds up to 7,000 litres of water each year, so shaving a minute off your shower can help us save millions of litres each year.

“It’s a win-win – we save water, our customers save money and we keep water in our dams for when our customers need it most.

“Shane’s passion for water and his tremendous ability to cut through are a great match for Sydney Water. Our customers have told us they want to know more about how they can save water and this campaign is all about doing just that.

The campaign launched on Sunday with the first of a three-part series of advertisements and targets indoor water usage over Winter. Sydney Water will announce a further two ads, both featuring Shane, over spring and summer to target outdoor water usage.

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