The future of PR and RTB

The future of PR and RTB

The convergence of real-time bidding and public relations is inevitable according to the founder of PR online marketing agency aimClear, Marty Weintraub.

Weintraub said traditionally branding and PR have been less focused at scale than direct response sales online.

“That’s because, as a rule in previous generations of marketing, distribution to the masses was limited in focus by lack of targeting technologies,” Weintraub said.

“Today, however, we can target content promotion widely by highly focused demographic and psychographics segments.

“Therefore smart PR folks understand that, from journalists to customer segments, we can use data via DSPs or exchanges to brand at scale with much greater granularity.”

Weintraub believes the biggest challenge facing marketers today is how to stay relevant amid the “tectonic marketing technology shifts”.

The checklist of skills that online marketers need to be able tick off today is long, diverse and complicated according to Weintraub (see below).


Weintraub’s Checklist:

  • Do I market to psychographics and segment personas properly?
  • Do I understand at least 10 archetypal site retargeting methodologies?
  • What systems can I apply to vet the avalanche of would be vendors? How might vendors’ wares apply to my marketing mix? Are the data points I use to decide what tactics to test first informed, reasonable, and fully defensible?
  • Am I taking inventory of every type of online marketing that converts currently, and following non-converted traffic for greater scale conversion?
  • Am I fluent in both organic and paid online video marketing in the new age.
  • Do I really comprehend the variables in mapping search to display?
  • How do emergent third party data interrelationships fit? Where does retargeting become straight up intent targeting? Do I really understand what’s happening here?
  • Do I understand content, amplification, and how social distribution feeds the system?
  • Do I create first and third-party systems that draw qualified customers into the attribution funnel and lead to conversion?
  • Do I use social data to advise keyword research and vice versa? How clever can I be on the mashup tip?
  • What is my philosophy of conversion? How do I handle the attribution mind f*ck?
  • Do I really understand the TAO of top-of funnel/bottom-of-funnel systems
  • Do I embrace the everlasting importance of segmented creative, designed for each unique touch a user encounters?
  • Am I aware of the inevitable confluence of RTB and public relations?

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