Pixado launches 'photo book' Facebook app

Pixado launches 'photo book' Facebook app

Pixado has launched a 'photo book' app on Facebook which allows users to easily find and compile relevant photos within their own and their friends’ photo libraries.

Once relevant photos have been found using a search method, the ‘photo book’ can be shared electronically across multiple platforms including Facebook, e-mail and posting online to the web.

The app eliminates the need to manually search for each picture. By selecting search functions including “My Top Images”, All About Me”, “All About Friends”, “All About Us” and “Events” and the app will find the relevant images based on most popular ‘liked’ searches and tags.

“Often pictures are taken at significant events like birthdays or on holidays by many different people. Those pictures are not always posted on Facebook and sometimes get lost in people’s personal photo libraries.

“Pixado comes as one of the new generation of convenient, efficient social media sharing apps that allows users to find pictures that they’d forgotten existed,” Pixado said.

When the pictures for the photo book have been chosen the user can also add in text, design templates and backgrounds before saving the completed book in one convenient location.

Pixado also offers “My Shelf” as a virtual bookcase, where users can view completed books or books in progress. Once a book is ‘published’ by any of their friends it will also appear on My Shelf under the ‘Friends Book’ category ready to be viewed and ‘liked’ just like any other Facebook post. 

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