Naked Coco Pops all fun and games

Naked Coco Pops all fun and games

Kellogg’s Coco Pops latest TVC by FSM via JWT has employed a scaled-back approach featuring individual Coco Pops as they are really are without the usual eyes, arms or other props.

Launched on Sunday, the TVC features a Coco Pop’s point of view composition. 

“There was very little activity in the liquid and that boiled down to the scale at which we were viewing,” FSM creative director, Andreas Wanda said.

“So we made the decision to scale it up and turned down the viscosity to give us more detail in our splashes. We also needed to see some curve in the liquid caused by surface tension around every Coco Pop. Unfortunately this doesn't just come out of the box when using specialist 3D software so in order to achieve this it required a multi-step process.

“We set the scene at sunrise on a beautiful morning with warm light streaming in through the windows and light rays in the air. We then knew how to light our miniature world. And that's exactly how we wanted it to feel – like you're actually in this luscious milk pool with these child-like Coco Pops. Everything was rendered in one hit – motion blur and depth of field on every element.”

FSM produced all live action components along with editing, grade and final compositing. The TCV can be viewed here.

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