Local cars 'Holden on by a thread'

Local cars 'Holden on by a thread'

Holden and Ford are struggling to win over Gen Y with the younger generations turning their backs on Australian made cars’ ‘Battler’ image.

A new survey by Roy Morgan found the only consumers with a majority preference (55.4%) for locally made vehicles were those that fit within the ‘Battler’ profile.

Only 49.7% of ‘Golden Years’ consumers have a preference for local automotives.

 “When it comes to buying Australian-made cars, the less affluent Battlers and Golden Years communities have above-average preference,” Jordan Pakes, group account director automotive Roy Morgan Research, said.

“However compared with the average Australian, Battlers and Golden Years are less likely to be in the market for a new car in the next four years; combined, they make up only around a quarter of the 2.3 million intenders in the new car market.”

Just 35.8% of ‘Metrotechs’ – described as young, inner city, high-earning and early adopting – have a preference for local. While 39.7% of wealthier and established families, ‘Leading Lifestyles’, have penchant for local cars.

Together the ‘Metrotechs’ and ‘Leading Lifestyles’ account for  more than 40% of those who intend to buy a car within the next four years.

“Nevertheless, Battlers and Golden years comprise a third of Holden’s market and almost a quarter of Toyota’s,” Pakes added.

“Both makers need to consider how shutting down local factories will affect sales among these markets that value Australian Made cars.”

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