Has Devil Baby gone too far?

Has Devil Baby gone too far?

The new prank marketing initiative by Thinkmodo, Devil’s Baby, leaves the question hanging as to whether some experiential branding has crossed a line.

In promotion of the upcoming 20th Century Fox film Devil’s Due the stunt sees a “Devil Baby” popping up when passersby go to check on the lonesome pram.

The baby cries out, spits out vomit and gives the rude finger to those who come near it.

The stunt follows on from the Toronto ad agency John St. and its extreme hoax home invasion video, with the coining of the term 'exFEARential'.

John St's creative director Christ Hirsch said all good advertising should make you nervous.

That certainly seems to be the case with the Thinkmodo stunt after hearing the screams and cries of either fear or surprise from pedestrians.

Devil’s Due is set to be released in the US January 17, 2014 although Aussies will have to wait until March 20 to see the story of an unplanned pregnancy turning sinister.

Via Adweek.

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