Fairfax and Samsung launch ‘The Beast’

Fairfax and Samsung launch ‘The Beast’

Fairfax has teamed up with Samsung to launch a new ad unit which its says gives advertisers a platform to deliver their message and the ability to use multiple sets of content for different audiences.

Dubbed ‘The Beast’, the new product was unveiled today in partnership with Samsung, which is using it to promote its GALAXY S4.

Samsung’s campaign made its debut on August 14, and is running in various sections across Fairfax’s four metro mastheads.

The new campaign has been produced by Samsung with its media agency Starcom and creative agency Leo Burnett, in conjunction with the Fairfax Media Digital Innovation Services (DIS) Unit, a team which specialises in developing new custom ad units.

One component of The Beast is that all content within the ad unit’s area can be changed by user interaction via inbuilt navigation links, and can also be sectionally targeted.

Fairfax said this allows advertisers can have multiple sets of content, including imagery, copy, videos, galleries and social media feeds, effectively creating a mini-site within the article page.

“Fairfax has always invested heavily in new product development, particularly in custom advertising. Clever, relevant, user-controlled ad units such as this one are well received by our audiences," said Fairfax media group sales director, Ed Harrison.

"The secret sauce is the way in which it’s designed around, rather than over, the content. I'm pleased that Samsung have really made the most of this engaging environment,” he added.

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