Digital Degustation

Digital Degustation

Super Bowl 1: Brands Newsjack the Blackout

During the third quarter of the Super Bowl there was a blackout at the stadium. A handful of quick thinking community managers were able to “newsjack” the drama on Twitter with witty remarks that earned their brands tens of thousands of retweets and PR coverage.  Audi took a jab at Mercedes who had naming rights to the stadium and PBS suggested it was a good time to look at “alternative programming”.Oreo however gained the most attention with a custom ad proclaiming “you can still dunk in the dark.”   

Super Bowl 2: CBS Super Bowl Streaming

Despite the fact that all we could see in Australia was a Toyota ad on repeat, the CBS Super Bowl streaming site was impressive. Amongst a multitude of interesting content and features, the site allowed viewers to start, stop and replay sections of the game, view the game from multiple angles, and see live tweet streams, game stats and on-demand Super Bowl ads shortly after they aired.

Super Bowl 3: What a $4M Super Bowl Spot Would Get You in Digital Ads.

The discrepancy between digital and traditional media spending is diminishing – except when it comes to the Super Bowl. To that end, the folk at Digiday have crunched the numbers to see just what a $4M Super Bowl spot would buy you in digital. Some of the more interesting numbers included, an 8 day YouTube homepage buy out at $500,000 per day and a Twitter promoted trending topic every day for a month. Full stats are here.

Theatre Offers Free Seats for Live Tweets

Using your phone in theatres is becoming less taboo. In fact, one theatre in Rhode Island is not only encouraging it, but is giving away free tickets to those that do. Called Tweet Seats, the theatre’s initiative waives ticket prices to those willing to ‘live tweet’ the performance and reserves the two back rows for them to broadcast from. The initiative aims to attract a younger crowd.

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