Digital Degustation

Digital Degustation

App Shames You Into Fitness

While apps like RunKeeper and GymPact use dollars to motivate you to stick to your fitness regime, a new app created at last week’s Foursquare hackathon uses shame. Called GymShamer, the app holds you to your pledge by monitoring the amount of times you check in to a gym on Foursquare per week. Miss your quota and the app lets your friends know by updating your Facebook or Twitter account with humiliating posts on your behalf.


TV Tech That Projects Off Screen and Into The Living Room

What happens when everyone realises that 3D TV is a gimmick and screen sizes get so big that they can no longer fit in your living room? Microsoft Research have been busying themselves with this question and have developed the VERY impressive IllumiRoom – technology that projects images beyond your screen and out into your living room for an immersive gaming experience. Best understood by this video:


Book a Night in a Homeless Person’s Room

Faktum Magazine (think Big Issue) have launched an innovative campaign that aims to raise awareness of the homeless in Sweden’s Gothenburg. Called Faktum Hotels, the microsite advertises ten spots where the city’s homeless sleep. People can book a night for themselves or a friend like a regular hotel and all of the proceeds go towards the Faktum Magazine.


Auto News from CES 1: Ford Developer Program

At last week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Ford announced the launch of the Ford Developer Program, an initiative where anyone can have access to and produce apps for their SYNC in-car entertainment system. Within 48hrs, 1,000 developers had signed up. With this move we expect to see massive advances in car-smartphone compatibility across the industry in 2013. For more, click here.


Auto News from CES 2: BMW In-Car 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot

Web browsing on my smartphone during car trips is painful. My 3G Vodaphone signal just isn’t up to the task. If I were in a new BMW however, I’d have the option to connect to its in-car 4G WiFi hotspot . Making use of the vehicles antenna and power supply, the router can service up to 8 mobile devices at a time. It’s also removable allowing passengers to continue their browsing in coffee shops. Find out more by clicking here.

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