Advertisers abandoning print too quickly: Baxter

Advertisers abandoning print too quickly: Baxter

Mat Baxter has told the audience at the Audited Media Association of Australia’s (AMAA’s) Accountability in Ad Spend conference that advertisers had left print more than the medium deserved and that TV still got more than its fair share of advertising.

“As a salesperson you will sell whatever the easiest thing to sell is. At the moment, that happens to be digital,” he said as part of a panel discussion.

He added that “the rate of decay in advertising in print had occurred more rapidly than audiences have left the medium,” he added.

He argued that the print publishers had brought their demise upon themselves through being very slow to react to the chagning world.

“When they saw that shadow looming five years ago that’s when they should have done something like free TV and radio did. Now theyr’e playing catch-up and it’s bloody hard to play catch-up,” he said.

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