Revealed: The Latest 30 Under 30 People’s Leaderboard, As Voting Deadline Looms!

Revealed: The Latest 30 Under 30 People’s Leaderboard, As Voting Deadline Looms!

It’s time to get your ducks in a row, people. The end is near. The 30 Under 30 Peoples choice poll is closing in just a few days time!

Not to be dramatic, but if you don’t vote for your People’s Choice contestant now, you’ll probably regret it for the rest of your life. Seriously.

Votes are closing on Monday! That’s only three days time!

So lets reiterate: if you haven’t voted yet, just remember that you can select as many candidates as you wish to win, but you can only vote ONCE.

We’ve had over 19,200 votes so far, and we have a few standouts that are leading the pack.

A couple days ago we posted the top ten as of 10am March 12 – and they were:

  1. Manmeet Bindra, Sizmek
  2. Alphonsus Tan, Jitterbit
  3. Michael Joo, Datarati
  4. Jack William Delmonte, Host/Havas
  5. Matthew Soulsby, Columbus
  6. Angelina Amelia Andary, Fairfax Media
  7. Scott Purcell, Man of Many
  8. Frank Curcio, PHD
  9. Tobey Bower, Columbus
  10. Effie Kacopieros, Host/Havas

But now, we have a new top 10! Over 6000 more people have voted in the past few days, so we have an updated list for ya.

Behold, your new top 10 contenders (as of 9am this morning) to win the People’s Choice Award at 30 Under 30 2018!

  1. Manmeet Bindra, Sizmek
  2. Tobey Bower, Columbus
  3. Michael Joo, Datarati
  4. Angelina Amelia Andary, Fairfax Media
  5. Alphonsus Tan, Jitterbit
  6. Natalie Reyes, Sizmek
  7. Kendall Gilding, Seven West Media
  8. Tess Robinson, Smack Bang Designs, First Flight Studio, Urban Growers, Startup Creative
  9. Jack William Delmonte, Host/Havas
  10. Effie Kacopieros, Host/Havas

As you can see, our leader is still going strong!

If you were on this list and you aren’t now, or if you’ve sunk a little lower, it’s not too late. Voting won’t close until Monday 19 March at 5pm, which gives you time to nab some more votes from literally everyone you’ve ever met.

If you haven’t voted, now’s the time! You could be the decider!

So again, voting for the People’s Choice award closes next Monday 19 at 5pm. Mark that date down in your diaries.

You can vote for your faves right hereThere are two sections separated by first name – and over 300 champs to choose from (just make sure you get it right the first go).

The winner will be the person who receives the most votes, and will be revealed at the 30 Under 30 Awards event in Sydney at the SMC Conference & Function Centre on Thursday 12 April – which is less than a month away!

For tickets to the awards (and to hopefully see your People’s Choice vote win) grab em here.


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