1800 MEERKAT launches in Australia

1800 MEERKAT launches in Australia

With Head of IT and Head Tea Maker Sergei out of action in hospital, the ever-entrepreneurial meerkat set up his telephone comparison service to help Australians with the important business of comparing meerkats.

By dialling 1800 MEERKAT, callers are given ‘welcomes to official comparethemeerkat.com.au helping line; not comparethemarket.com.au insurance comparison line’.

Aleksandr invites callers to ‘press the one’, to compare the likes of:

  • Bushkat – ‘Where’s my jumbuck?’
  • Crockat – ‘That’s not a knife!’
  • Footykat – ‘50% off long socks, what a bargain!’
  • Savinglifekat – ‘Stick between the flags, you Mongoose!’
  • Surfkat – Fully sick gnarly dude, nice…’

‘Moongose brains’ mistakenly dialling 1800 MEERKAT looking to compare health insurance deals must ‘press the four’ to be transferred to a comparethemarket.com.au health comparison specialist.

1800 MEERKAT (1)

Aleksandr says, “Hello Australias, I have very exciting news for you! Sergei is still in hospital and not around to help, so I have created special free Helping Line where you can talk to me on the telephone-amabob. Plus you can also hear your very own Auskats say things right into your ears. Call 1800 MEERKAT (1800 633 7528) now!”

Abigail Koch, spokesperson for comparethemarket.com.au said, “We know Australians love the meerkats and thought a freephone comparison service would be a fun and engaging way for Aleksandr to interact with his fans. As always, our work with the meerkats brings an important message to Australians. Despite Aleksandr thinking they’re ‘mongoose brains’, we encourage consumers to consider their hospital cover options to avoid paying a higher-than-necessary tax bill next year.”

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