Wondering How To Win An Impact Award? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Wondering How To Win An Impact Award? Here’s What You Need To Know!

    The Australian Impact Awards, powered by Wavia, is the latest of our events to go live, and we’re excited to see what people bring to the table. So how the heck do you go about winning an Impact award?

    For the uninitiated, the Australian Impact Awards, powered by Wavia, is an awards night celebrating those who have made big changes in the tech industry. Promoting the idea of a sustainable future, the awards will highlight individuals who have made promising developments in everything from 3D printing to nanotechnology with the goal of a better future in mind.

    Submissions are open, so you can enter yourself or someone you know now – but how do you actually get yourself one of these shiny trophies?

    First off, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the awards themselves, so make sure to check out the website and give it a read.

    Next, you’ll need to figure out what category you’re going for. There’s a total of 14 categories available, which can make it pretty daunting, but don’t fret! Let’s go through them one by one.

    Premium Impact Award: This is your all-stars category, where the judges will select a winner who they believe to have made the biggest impact in their respective field. Don’t worry too much about this one (unless your ego can’t handle the thought of losing, in which case worry quite a bit).

    The People’s Choice Award: The popularity contest of the night. The public will decide who they believe to have made the biggest impact, so if you’re gunning for this category make sure you aren’t making any enemies on Twitter.

    Food Sustainability Award: Foodies rejoice! If you’re making waves in the food industry for your innovations and sustainable choices, you’ll want to apply for this one.

    Be The Change Award: This one’s for those working in governance. Apply here if you’re working to make positive change, staying transparent, and not succumbing to evil Senators or anything.

    Leading for Change Award: The education category! You’ll want to apply for this one if you’re a teacher, mentor or educator who believes in helping young people towards a better future.

    Life Extension Award: Look, none of us want to die particularly soon. If you’re someone working in better quality of life and longer, healthier lifespans, then this could be yours to claim.

    Force for Change Award: This award is for the environmentalists, so you’ll want to apply if you’re actively working to make the environment cleaner and healthier.

    Spending for Change Award: Shopping is often thought of as having a pretty negative environmental impact, so if you’re making change in the field then this award is the one you want.

    Playing for Change Award: Not that those working in entertainment need more excuses to win awards, but if you are working on sustainability in the arts then make sure to get a submission in.

    Healing for Change Award: Healthcare workers deserve some love too, so here’s an award to go for if you’re making some strong changes in the health sector.

    Innovation for Financial Impact Award: This award is for people working towards global financial sustainability. ‘Nuff said.

    Shelter for All Award: Given the current housing market situation, it’s a good time to celebrate those who are working towards sustainable housing and using environmentally friendly materials!

    The Future Is Faster Than You Think: Alright, this one’s a little complicated. Basically, this award revolves around the idea of a moonshot – a solution to one of the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals. We’re looking for anyone who can create a moonshot that tackles one of these goals or suggests an 18th – check out the Project Moonshot website for more information.

    Inclusion: The final category is for those supporting people with disability and making an impact on how disability is viewed in their field. If you’re fighting the good fight, then get yourself a submission for this one.

    Phew – that’s the lot of them! Now it’s time to get yourself a submission – again, using the website here. Remember, late entries close on September 12, so don’t leave it too late!

    If your submission survives the gaze of our experienced judges, then you can expect to see your name on our list of finalists, which will be published on October 21. Then, it’s just about steeling your nerves until the awards night itself on November 9 at the Calyx in the Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney!

    Remember, tickets are on sale now, and you’ll need to pick yours up if you’re planning on attending the awards night. That includes finalists, so make sure to tick that off as well.

    And that’s it! Best of luck to all who enter, and we hope to see you all at the event this November as we celebrate some truly remarkable impacts.

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