Whybin’s Rob Lowe And Magnum’s Matt Holmes Launch Their Own PR Agency

Whybin’s Rob Lowe And Magnum’s Matt Holmes Launch Their Own PR Agency

Rob Lowe, PR director at Whybin\TBWA Group’s Eleven PR and Matt Holmes, creative director at Magnum PR, have left their respective agencies and joined forces to launch a new communications agency called Poem.

The new offering, will focus on connecting brands to consumer’s lives in a more emotional way, via newsworthy and sharable ideas that move people, plus paid, owned and earned media tactics that reach them.

Lowe and Holmes, who met during their previous roles at One Green Bean, combine a wealth of big agency experience gained over the last 15 years from working with global brands in both the UK and Australia such as Nike, Virgin Mobile, Tourism New Zealand, Telstra, LEGO and Toyota. They started at Poem in June as founding directors, with Guzman y Gomez as founding client, working across social media, influencer engagement and publicity.

Lowe said about the venture, “We feel that the industry has lost sight of what makes consumer PR a unique skill set; that’s the learned ability to know what will interest people and get people talking. Without this we’re just making a lot of noise that people won’t notice or will choose to ignore. Brands have got to earn the right to be heard. It’s about being more human.”

Holmes added, “We understand the art and science of building relationships and what makes an idea relevant, interesting, sharable and motivating. We also realise the cultural and fragmented media environment people live in and how to reach them effectively by putting PR thinking at the beginning of the creative process. But being more human isn’t just about insightful campaigns and real world business results, it’s also about how we work and who we work with. We want to do great campaigns with great people that make a difference.”

Poem is looking to work with like minded brands, creative agencies and individuals who believe in a more human approach to brand communications.


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