White Males Dominate Adland’s List Of Industry Game Changers

White Males Dominate Adland’s List Of Industry Game Changers

The UK advertising agency trade body, the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA), has unveiled its list of the 47 industry “game changers” from British advertising over the past 100 years – 41 of them are men and everybody on the list is white!

The IPA said in a statement the people on the list are the ones “it believes have been mainly responsible for changing the industry, either as a leader, a creative, a strategist, or as an innovator.”

The final 47 was voted on by the bosses of some of the UK’s top agencies while media have reported that it was disappointing that the list was so male and so white.

“Obviously it’s disappointing when you do an exercise like this and look at the names, as you spotted, it’s predominantly white men,” IPA director general Paul Bainsfair told Business Insider UK.

“The only thing I can say is to look at the context of what we are doing, which is a retrospective of the last 100 years, it’s the process we went through. We assembled a big group of advertising practitioners to take a long view, who have been around a long time, to look through who had been the game changers who had made an outstanding contribution.

“The honest fact of the matter is that it reflects how dominated by men the ad industry has been for the last 100 years,” Bainsfair said.

The full list included:

  • David Abbott
  • Paul Arden
  • John Bartle CBE
  • Trevor Beattie
  • Lord Bell
  • Martin Boase
  • Tony Brignull
  • Sir Nigel Bogle
  • Simon Broadbent
  • Frank Budgen
  • Jeremy Bullmore CBE
  • Ann Burdus CBE
  • Tim Delaney
  • James Garrett
  • Neil Godfrey
  • Paul Green
  • Sir John Hegarty
  • Steve Henry
  • Chris Ingram
  • Stephen King
  • Lord Leverhulme
  • Sir Frank Lowe
  • Marion Lyon
  • Patricia Mann OBE
  • Peter Marsh
  • Colin Millward
  • Ray Morgan
  • Jane Newman
  • David Ogilvy CBE (pictured in lead photo)
  • Brian Palmer
  • Sir Alan Parker CBE
  • John Pearce
  • Stanley Pollitt
  • Lord Puttnam
  • MT Rainey
  • Charles Saatchi
  • Lord Saatchi
  • John Salmon
  • Sir Ridley Scott
  • Jeremy Sinclair CBE
  • Sir Martin Sorrell
  • Dave Trott
  • Alan Waldie
  • Christine Walker
  • John Webster
  • Robin Wight
  • Mike Yershon

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