Sweep: The World’s First Community-Based AR Shopping App Launches

Sweep: The World’s First Community-Based AR Shopping App Launches

Sweep has launched the world’s first community-based augmented reality (AR) shopping experience.

Using unique AR, AI and geolocation features, Sweep provides shoppers with a fun way to find, claim and share deals and products around them.

Sweep CEO & founder, Robyn Foyster said: “Sweep is the world’s first community-based AR shopping app.

She said: “Our aim is to bring people together who love to shop and create a trusted community where shoppers can find and share great deals and products in a beautifully designed app.

“Using AI, Sweep tailors your shopping experience, so you can find things to buy based on your personal preferences and current location.

“Immersive experiences are the future of retail and we believe Sweep will revolutionise how people shop and be the catalyst to drive more sales.”

According to an Australia Post Online Shopping 2018 report, 75 per cent of millennials make impulse purchases each week.

Using the AR, map or list view, Sweep users can search for offers around them, ensuring they never miss out on a good deal.

And, when it comes to shopping, millennials are well-researched and frequently rely on their mobile phones for recommendations and reviews from trusted sources.

Sweep is building a strong community by providing a platform where users can share and review their favourite products and deals, helping other users make insightful purchases.

Online retailers are dominating the on-demand economy with mobile online purchases increasing by 58 per cent in the last year.

The online landscape provides shoppers with the freedom to easily search, compare and purchase items or services when they want.

Sweep will revolutionise the retail industry by creating a new avenue for online and brick and mortar stores to reach their customers.

Through exclusive deals, AR and gamification, Sweep will help retailers drive traffic to both their online and physical stores.

In turn, traditional retailers will be able to attain valuable customer analytics; data which is predominantly only available via online stores.


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