Study: How To Ensure Branded Content Doesn’t Harm Your Brand

Study: How To Ensure Branded Content Doesn’t Harm Your Brand

New research commissioned by BBC StoryWorks, reveals 40 per cent of Australians believe a brand is positively or negatively affected by the platform on which it appears.

BBC StoryWorks, the branded content production arm for BBC Global News today released the findings of a study that highlights the importance for marketers across Australia of ensuring their brand and branded content appear on the platforms that will support campaign objectives.

When done correctly, the potential positive effects of brand association & engagement are undeniable, with 45 per cent of Australians believing that if they see a brand on a trusted platform then they will also trust the brand while 35 per cent believe that if it appears on a media brand they like then they will automatically feel the brand would be a good fit for them.

The research clearly demonstrates that brands must place as much emphasis on where content appears and how it’s distributed, as they do on the quality of the content.

BBC StoryWorks head, APAC, Jelena Li (featured image) said: “It’s such an interesting time of flux for the advertising industry in Australia.

“We can see from recent events that consumers are becoming more and more aware and distrustful of agenda-driven news organisations and on top of this, the social media advertising space is becoming increasingly fraught with challenges & scandal.”

Li added: “It’s time for marketers to really think about how those environments impact their brand – beyond reach and engagement.

“What are the implicit associations and emotions audiences are walking away with, that may affect brand perception and campaign effectiveness?

“It’s imperative to work with expert publishers who can break down your target audience and understand what audiences want and how to reach them.

“In selecting a media partner that your target audience truly trusts, your brand is protected and in safe hands, and campaign effectiveness is maximized.”

Branded content has proven its effectiveness and is continuing to mature as a tool for shifting brand perception, consideration & recommendation, and this research highlights the importance for marketers to now acknowledge the challenges in producing and distributing content in an ever evolving and fragile media landscape.

Expectations from the consumer have changed – and with that comes an added responsibility to make sure you are serving content that is personally relevant to your target audience, and not just about your brand or brand story.

In fact 33 per cent of consumers believe that the most important aspect of branded content is a connection to their personal wants and needs and 47 per cent feel negatively towards a brand if it’s irrelevant.

BBC Global News AUNZ regional director, Jamie Chambers said: “At its simplest, if you produce personally relevant branded content for your target audience, select a media partner and distribution channel that your target audience trusts, you will see stronger engagement and in turn, a more effective campaign.

“The days of just focusing on reach or effective cost per view for campaigns no longer reflect the consumer reality.”

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