Sound Alliance Has Been Rebranded As Junkee Media

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To reflect the transition from a music-only publisher to a youth-focused lifestyle publisher, Sound Alliance has been rebranded as Junkee Media.

According to the site, Junkee Media “is one of Australia’s fastest growing and innovative new media companies, reaching over two million young and engaged Australians every month. Formerly known as the Sound Alliance, we create highly shareable content about the things that matter (and sometimes the things that don’t) and we continually strive to add to the conversation, not just the noise.”

Junkee Media will also integrate its other titles- including inthemix, FasterLoud and AWOL-into the one website Junkee. The pop culture website, Junkee, launched in 2013.

During the launch, chief executive Neil Ackland (picture below) said that 50 per cent of Junkee Media’s revenue comes from native content. Ackland said that the move towards native content has been caused by the huge popularity of mobility and mobile news.

Neil Ackland

“What we’re seeing from a lot of the brands is what we’ve been conveying for a long time, which is we want brands to stop interrupting what people are interested in and to be what people are interested in,” Ackland told a Fairfax publication.

“I think that’s starting to resonate now. There has been a pronounced shift in focus for a lot of brands towards how they can tell their story in credible, authentic and relevant ways.

“A lot of the research we do, we’re looking at the psychology of why people share content. It’s really clear that they’ll share content that makes them look funny, clever, or a combination of the two, to their social group,” Ackland said.

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