Social Media Star Mike Baird In Trouble With #casinomike

Social Media Star Mike Baird In Trouble With #casinomike

He’s adorably tweeted The Bachelor finale and joined in the collective LOL’s about the NSW Government’s Stoner Sloth ad, but it looks like NSW Premier Mike Baird might have lost his ‘cool dad’ Twitter status after his Facebook response to the NSW lockout debate.

The lockout laws, 1.30am lockouts in Kings Cross and the CBD, 3am last drinks laws and 10pm bottleshop closure, were introduced by Baird’s predecessor but enthusiastically supported by Baird’s administration. The lockout laws have been blamed for restaurant, bars and night clubs closures in Kings Cross and the CBD, the laws have also been accused of causing a ‘nanny state’ and destroying Sydney’s once thriving music scene.

Yesterday Baird posted a Facebook response saying he wasn’t embarassed by the lockout laws . In the post he said: “Now, some have suggested these laws are really about moralising. They are right. These laws are about the moral obligation we have to protect innocent people from drunken violence.

“Over the coming months a detailed review into the effects of the lock-out laws will be undertaken. I await this work with interest. But as I’ve said before, it is going to take a lot for me to change my mind on a policy that is so clearly improving this city.”

The post has been shared 2,300 times and has over 10,000 comments, the majority of the comments attacking Baird for being out of touch and for cherry-picking statistics.

Before long, commentators questioned why the lockout zone excluded Star City Casino and the small collection of Sydney pubs who can stay open provided they stop serving alcohol and ‘other forms of entertainment’ except pokie machines.

The casino and pokie exemptions has born #casinomike:

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