Silverfox Releases Report On Advanced Style And The Silver Dollar

Silverfox Releases Report On Advanced Style And The Silver Dollar

SILVERFOX MGMT GROUP, Australia’s first agency exclusively representing models over 30, has today released Advanced Style & the Silver Dollar, a telling report on the fashion and beauty industry’s biggest opportunity since plus size: style-conscious women over 60.

Despite the baby boomer generation being wealthier than ever, the local fashion and beauty industry largely ignores our ageing population.

Ironically, the 1.9 million Australian women over 65, not only show a growing propensity to look stylish and shop fashion, but have the spending power to match – 41.9 per cent being regular shoppers and medium to big spenders in the category.

Will 2016 be the year our notoriously millennial-obsessed world of fashion and beauty finally accepts—or even embraces—women of a certain age?

The Silverfox report draws on local and international data, as well as case studies from luxury to high street retail proving the use of older models is more than a fad or PR stunt, instead a new regime.

Globally, fashion and beauty powerhouses such as Karen Walker, Céline, L’Oréal and American Apparel are tapping into this previously undervalued niche with rigour and reaping commercial rewards. Locally it’s ripe for the taking.

Advanced Style & the Silver Dollar acts as a guide for local brands looking to tap this market. It explores the importance of brand imagery and model choice, which if used correctly can increase purchase intent by up to 200 per cent and provides inspiration from trailblazing brands getting it right.

Read the full Silverfox report here: Advanced Style & the Silver Dollar


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