Phew! Truly Awful Advertising Is An ABC Hoax!

Phew! Truly Awful Advertising Is An ABC Hoax!

In a demonstration that not all fake news is the work of the devil itself, the ABC has revealed itself as the mastermind behind the hoax advertising campaign as reported in B&T earlier this week.

An early sign of the hoax was some of the products on the Sando’s Warehouse website. When you shop, there are sofas like Teenage Dream and Pleather Zone, or the Light House collection of lamps, ‘restored and re-wired with porcelain sockets and Maltese brasso’.

There’s also the giveaway that most of the website’s functionality doesn’t do anything.

Sando’s Warehouse is the fictitious company set to feature in ABCs upcoming TV series Sando.

Each episode of the show features a throwback-style TV spot, the first of which we ran as a standalone piece without any context last night on ABC, as if it were an actual ad.

A spokesperson fro the campaign told B&T that the idea was to have viewers believe ABC were now running prime-time ads.

“Many people watching believed exactly that,” the spokesperson said.

“The character Sando is quite controversial, and so we thought we’d spark some controversy of our own by broadcasting promos to look like actual ads”

You can check out the first real trailer of Sando below.


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